Letter to Zendaya


Accountability Fitness 

The hardest thing about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is accountability. Sure, you might be one of those people who is consistent, self-motivated, and can workout by yourself with ease, but everyone is not like. A lot more people aren’t as motivated to workout consistently due to not having a workout partner or someone to hold them accountable. Does that mean these people are any less than the people who are consistent, self-motivated, and love working out by themselves? Not at all. It just means they’re built differently and need a way to be inspired & held accountable. The Accountability Fitness Group is a way for people who want to better themselves through fitness can hold others accountable from a distance through sharing fitness challenges, tips, workouts, recipes, hardships or anything fitness related. This is by all means is not a professional certified group. AFG is just a group of likeminded individuals who want to empower each other to reach their fitness goals and to not give up! We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers. We want to make sure that if you have a fitness goal, we’re going to hold you accountable to achieve that in a judgment free group. AFG’s primary channel of communication is through the app GroupMe! If you’re interested in joining, please comment below or message me directly! Let’s keep encouraging and inspiring each other in 2017. Limited spots available!

rant just because. 

I’m in a really great place but I’m also frustrated with some things. The things I’m frustrated with simply adds to the chip on my shoulder. This book of ideas keeps getting thicker with time. I know exactly what I’ll do when I get there… I just need to get there. I’m so close!! I can feel it more and more every single day.

I’m frustrated because I’m not there yet. I’m frustrated because every time I take a big step, something pushes me 5 steps back. I’m frustrated because people around me don’t believe it’s possible. I’m frustrated because i have friends whose dreams already died. i have a cousin who hits me everyday because I’m his last hope to make it out. I have people who I’m trying to show them a different route.  The pressure is frustrating. However, pressure is a privilege.

I refuse to quit, give up, or stop. I’m on to something and it’ll work out. It has to work out because I don’t have any other options. I wasn’t built for a 9-5 or a job I don’t like. I can’t do it. The closer I get, the more adversity tries to throw me in a box. It’s scary because I feel it creeping in my thoughts.

You wouldn’t understand unless you really got to know me. People only see surface level. They never take the time to go deeper. I’m working to make an impact. I’m working to make a difference. I’m working to show people another way. I’m working for freedom. I’m working so I can retire my parents. I’m working so I can put others in a position to live their dreams. I’m working to inspire. I’m working to show the world anything is possible. ANYTHING!

You just have to believe in yourself!!!!!! The secret to love, happiness, success, & anything else is it starts with you! You are the key to all the opportunities in your life. Never forget God loves you. God’s going to hold you down forever. You are a child of God and the world is yours! You can’t be stopped!! You have a purpose!! Never stop imagining the absolute best for yourself. I pray you get everything you want out of life. I pray you spread your reach as far as you possibly can. I pray you find peace & freedom.

She Inspires Me. 


If there’s one thing you should know about my mom, she’s usually in bed by 9pm. She is not the type of person to stay up late at all. However, the other night I came downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink around 11pm and I saw my mom sitting in the kitchen table locked in working on something. When I walked closer to see what she was doing, my heart absolutely dropped. My mom went through each page of the Endless Possibilities layout book in order to draw what each page should look like so the illustrator will have a better idea of the pictures. I was absolutely speechless!! She was losing sleep to see my dreams come true!! This is easily one of the most inspirational moments of my life! I ABSOLUTELY will get this book published! I’m going to keep going and one day I’m going to repay you and dad for everything!

Shock the World.


After reading about how only 3% of children’s books have a person of color as the main character, I was inspired to write a children’s book with the main characters being black. Since writing it, I’ve been working on getting the book published but the process hit a low point yesterday after a phone call with a publisher.

I was highly anticipating this phone call all day and was very excited due to hearing about his interest in the book. The conversation quickly turned into how the odds are completely against me, how I will not be a successful writer because I’m not already famous, and how the book will ultimately be a failure.  I felt like the publisher, who I’m very appreciative and thankful for him keeping it real with me, was more so trying to talk  me out of this.

I felt defeated.

After talking to my mom, listening to the words of encouragement from friends, and reminding myself of how stubborn I am, I don’t believe in the impossible. I will keep his words in consideration but he gave me an even bigger chip on my shoulder!

Today, I wrote out the layout for the book to I can visualize what the book will look like in physical form. The illustrations are in the works of being made and soon I will have this book published! I am going to do everything in my power to push this book and make it a game changer! Just like the title of the book states, the possibilities are endless. I am way too stubborn to hear any of that “it’s impossible” talk.  If the opportunity hasn’t been there for others, I will shock the world and pave the way! I WILL be sharing a published copy of this book one of these days. Just watch me shock the word!