I am a black man.

I love my blackness.

I am unapologetically black. 

I radiate black boy joy at all times. 

I would not change being black for anything in the world.

I still have room for improvement. I used to have identity issues when I was younger. I was scared I would not be accepted with my community. I was always too white for the black kids and too black for the white kids. I learned to appreciate everything about my skin, my culture, and being black. As a black man, I am doing my culture, ancestors, and myself a disservice for not knowing my history. There is so much I do not know about my ancestors who paved the way for me to have the opportunities I have today. There is so many stories, writings, and books on black history and my goal is to further diversify myself in it. I want to be able to know exactly how we got to where we’re at today. From understanding where we have come from, I’ll have a better understanding of how strong I am. I promise to take the time to learn more and encourage my black millennial brothers and sisters to do the same!


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