Underground Perspective


On February 5th, 2014, Underground Perspective was founded on the campus of University of Kentucky. By August 26th, 2016,  UGP had one hundred and seventy-two attend the first meeting of the year.

I remember when UGP was STRUGGLING to get 15 people to come out to meetings. From BARELY 15 to 172 people. I remember the feeling of just seeing the overflow of people come into the meeting. I was so speechless and so damn proud! It took me 2 years (my freshman and sophomore year) to have the confidence to even talk to people about starting an organization on campus and 2 years to get UGP where it is today. I don’t even think people realize how BITTERSWEET it is knowing UGP is still going on to this day even though I graduated and attend a completely different school. With the founders day coming up, I will definitely be talking about UGP so much more later.

UGP is proof in my life that anything is possible with my ideas if I work as hard as I possibly can,  surround myself with the right people, and keep the faith!


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