I’m good, playa.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get “paid” or “make a living” off of the things I create but that damn sure won’t stop me from creating. Someone recently told me I’m selling myself short by not working in a big company and using my ideas to make “good money.” For one thing, I do not like being hired to make someone else’s dream come true. And honestly, I could care less about people’s career advice or advice on how I should live my life. I’m an educated, young, and creative black man. I have one degree and come August, I’ll have 2 degrees at the age of 22. I’m good, playa. I completely and utterly believe in myself so I already know I’m going to make a living off of my creations! It’s all just a matter of time. All I need is for you to share my movements with your network and help me push the culture!


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