Pressure is a Privilege

Today while watching Jemele Hill and Michael Smith’s Sportscenter “The Six” debut, Michael Smith mentioned something that really stuck out to me:

“Pressure is a privilege.”

The second I heard this quote, I had to write it down. The quote hit me but I did not fully understand the power of it until later in the day. As I was taking a shower, I thought about my recent trip to Kentucky for the Super Bowl (Go Pats!)!

I was truly blessed to have an incredible experience at the University of Kentucky. Honestly, that statement will never be able to do my experience justice. I have so many connections and resources on campus!  More importantly though, I have an amazing support system of people behind me! Whether it’s though simply letting me know they are rooting for me or checking on me when I have a bad day, they have always had my back from the jump!

With all the support, I am often told by people that I’m an inspiration to them or one of their role models. It absolutely means the world to me, but it also adds pressure. I do not want to let anyone down or become a disappointment to anyone. Although how someone feels about me is more of a reflection of them than myself, I want to continue to inspire and encourage people to make their dreams come true. The pressure comes from myself trying to be everything I can be to the fullest so people can see it’s possible.

After reflecting in my shower, I realized how much of a privilege the pressure is! For one, I’m in a position where I influence a lot of people and have a direct impact on them. With knowing that, I can use that influence for good and continue to try to inspire them. On top of that, the feeling of knowing people are looking up to me keeps me going. Graduate school has not been the easiest journey for me. I was VERY close to not coming back to school and dropping out. What kept me going was knowing I had people at University of Kentucky, family members, and friends elsewhere that are watching me. I did not want to show them I can’t, I want to show them I can and will finish Graduate school.

At times, pressure can feel overwhelming but it’s needed for growth and greatness. I’m realizing there are 2 things you can do with pressure:

  1. You can continue to feel overwhelmed by it and fold under the occasion
  2. Or you can apply the pressure and make diamonds out of the situation.

Either way, pressure is a privilege!


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