Accountability Fitness 

The hardest thing about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is accountability. Sure, you might be one of those people who is consistent, self-motivated, and can workout by yourself with ease, but everyone is not like. A lot more people aren’t as motivated to workout consistently due to not having a workout partner or someone to hold them accountable. Does that mean these people are any less than the people who are consistent, self-motivated, and love working out by themselves? Not at all. It just means they’re built differently and need a way to be inspired & held accountable. The Accountability Fitness Group is a way for people who want to better themselves through fitness can hold others accountable from a distance through sharing fitness challenges, tips, workouts, recipes, hardships or anything fitness related. This is by all means is not a professional certified group. AFG is just a group of likeminded individuals who want to empower each other to reach their fitness goals and to not give up! We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers. We want to make sure that if you have a fitness goal, we’re going to hold you accountable to achieve that in a judgment free group. AFG’s primary channel of communication is through the app GroupMe! If you’re interested in joining, please comment below or message me directly! Let’s keep encouraging and inspiring each other in 2017. Limited spots available!


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