rant just because. 

I’m in a really great place but I’m also frustrated with some things. The things I’m frustrated with simply adds to the chip on my shoulder. This book of ideas keeps getting thicker with time. I know exactly what I’ll do when I get there… I just need to get there. I’m so close!! I can feel it more and more every single day.

I’m frustrated because I’m not there yet. I’m frustrated because every time I take a big step, something pushes me 5 steps back. I’m frustrated because people around me don’t believe it’s possible. I’m frustrated because i have friends whose dreams already died. i have a cousin who hits me everyday because I’m his last hope to make it out. I have people who I’m trying to show them a different route.  The pressure is frustrating. However, pressure is a privilege.

I refuse to quit, give up, or stop. I’m on to something and it’ll work out. It has to work out because I don’t have any other options. I wasn’t built for a 9-5 or a job I don’t like. I can’t do it. The closer I get, the more adversity tries to throw me in a box. It’s scary because I feel it creeping in my thoughts.

You wouldn’t understand unless you really got to know me. People only see surface level. They never take the time to go deeper. I’m working to make an impact. I’m working to make a difference. I’m working to show people another way. I’m working for freedom. I’m working so I can retire my parents. I’m working so I can put others in a position to live their dreams. I’m working to inspire. I’m working to show the world anything is possible. ANYTHING!

You just have to believe in yourself!!!!!! The secret to love, happiness, success, & anything else is it starts with you! You are the key to all the opportunities in your life. Never forget God loves you. God’s going to hold you down forever. You are a child of God and the world is yours! You can’t be stopped!! You have a purpose!! Never stop imagining the absolute best for yourself. I pray you get everything you want out of life. I pray you spread your reach as far as you possibly can. I pray you find peace & freedom.


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