Inspiration Spotlight: J. Cole


There is so much I can say about J. Cole!

In my opinion, J. Cole is easily one of the greatest rappers of my generation. Cole is truly an inspiration to me in so many different way. From his craft all the way to how he conducts himself as an artist, I look up to J. Cole. I dream of the day I can meet him to tell him thank you for all the lessons he’s taught me through his music, interviews, and the way he carries himself. Fun fact, I used to have this dream that J. Cole’s label Dreamville would make an exception and sign me to a book deal or invest in one of my projects. Cole easily makes my Top 5 inspirations of all time list.

In regards to this video, WOW! That’s really all that comes to mind and the best way for me to convey the power of this video to you. I remember being in my dorm room in college watching this video 2 years ago and I just had to replay it right away. J. Cole is a deep brother. There was so many lessons I took away from this video and saw the world in a new light. Every time I watch this, it’s like a flame ignites within me of inspiration to take on the world and make a change for the better!

Inspiration Spotlight: Levi Maestro


I still remember to this day how watching this video in high school changed the trajectory of my life. I was at a place in my life where I was simply lost. In high school, I knew I was different and had something special within me. I felt like no one really understood that feeling and I honestly did not know what to do with it at the time. One day after school, I was surfing the internet and somehow I came across a blog with this video on it. Whoever made the blog talked about how inspirational and positive Levi Maestro was and encouraged everyone to watch this video. Once I watched this video, everything made sense for me! I understood the importance of speaking things into existence, being the best version of me at all times, and living positively.

Levi Maestro is truly an inspiration to me. If it wasn’t for him, I do not think I would be where I am at today honestly. Levi Maestro is a genuine and positive person who constantly radiates positive energy. He started a web series called Maestro Knows that really gives a glimpse of his life. I strongly suggest you check out a few episodes. You’ll definitely get a feeling of the type of person he is!

I hope this video changes your perspective for the better like it once did for me!

Artist Spotlight: Dwayne Levi


Dwayne Levi is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky who is taking the Kentucky by storm. This man is beyond talented. From music to acting to academics, Dwayne has the mindset of being the best he can absolutely be. He’s making a lot of noise in Kentucky with his latest tape The Levi Effect and soon he’s going to be worldwide!

I know this man personally and his work ethic is next level. We both attended University of Kentucky around the same time and had a few classes together. In our classes together, you would have thought we were at war with each other. Dwayne and I would compete on every homework assignment, quiz, test, paper, and anything else under the sun of who would get the best grade. The competition was all love and we used to bet push ups or food. In a way, it was our way of holding each other accountable to be at the top of the class because we were usually the only black students in the class.

Besides academically, Dwayne is full of charisma, personality, and a man of God. The only thing that can stop him from achieving his dreams is himself and I know for a fact that won’t even stop him. We are still competing to see who is going to be living their dreams first but y’all really need to check out his body of work! He’s one hell of an inspiration and is destined for greatness!

If you’re reading this Dwayne, keep shining bro! We’re going to breakthrough soon!